No More Rhyme

Posted by Laota On April 11, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

So it’s taken me two months and my entire family fortune, but I finally finished my epic (read: long-ass) Supernatural fic, No More Rhyme. It’s set in the unseen hours of season five’s finale, “Swan Song” and focuses on two of my favorite SPN characters.

They're very excited about it.

They’re very excited about it.

You just can’t have too much Bobby and Cas, and there certainly hasn’t been enough for my tastes, so I make a nice thing for us both.

In the fic, a very mortal Castiel is having a little existential crisis and Bobby — life coach that he is — gently screams him through it. There’s some fun with Sam and Dean, of course, screwing around and reminiscing about days gone by. I’m glad I finally finished the fic, but it’s kinda sad, too. It’s all so finite, you know? But it’s a good long story (14,104 words, suck it) and if you wanna laugh and cry and fall and die, give it a shot.

I feel close to you all right now. Oh, let’s all just comatose hug! Everybody’s happy.

Except Bobby.

Except Bobby.

PS, in case you need an extra smile, here’s a comic I did recently. A classy little ditty I like to call, “Blood Spray”.


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