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I’ve been sick! Oh, no! But some good came of it. I wrote a poem, the first I’ve written in over four years! If you can guess what it’s about, I’ll put a nickle toward you’re college fund:

There was a dark and wild sound, a low and frenzied cry.
It once sailed free and near the ground, we’d bound it up in books we’d found.
And therein, precious things abound! A yellow moon, a purple sky,
Where crickets sang and watched us dance through sugar crystal eyes.
Black castles, low-hanging stars, on that night when the night was ours.
And when it ends, if you’ve learned to fly, the dead are friends,
In books you needn’t buy.

We cannot find them now, it would break our hearts to try.

This and other poems can be found on the poetry page. Yay!
*hacking cough*

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