The End Ain’t Near

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Beware! This post is incredibly spoilery, Ye Be Warned. * * * For a TV show about supermodels who shoot ghosts, Supernatural has presented it’s fandom with some cosmically fascinating ideas, and one of them is a post-apocalyptic vision from an episode titled “The End.” A paradoxically fun episode about the end of the world  [ Read More ]

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No More Rhyme

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So it’s taken me two months and my entire family fortune, but I finally finished my epic (read: long-ass) Supernatural fic, No More Rhyme. It’s set in the unseen hours of season five’s finale, “Swan Song” and focuses on two of my favorite SPN characters. You just can’t have too much Bobby and Cas, and  [ Read More ]

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This post takes a little intro, so I’m just gonna come right out of the gate and say it’s all about Castiel. So relax, everyone. My sister Faith has been playing with the idea of writing cross-over fanfics involving characters from Supernatural, one in particular involving Castiel, as the concept of an angel capable of  [ Read More ]

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I was having a bean burger with some of my sister’s delicious meat-substitute, when this fic just came to me: “Back at the Country Side Inn, Cas and Garth show up to give Sam and Dean the lowdown on some unfamiliar beasties. A very important photo emerges.” READ DOLLYMOG’S @ FANFICTION.NET

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The Oak Tree

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After nearly nine years, I’m starting to get back into fic writing. Baby steps. I wrote a very short (drabble) Supernatural fic, starring Castiel and Sam Winchester, called The Oak Tree.

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I’ve been sick! Oh, no! But some good came of it. I wrote a poem, the first I’ve written in over four years! If you can guess what it’s about, I’ll put a nickle toward you’re college fund: There was a dark and wild sound, a low and frenzied cry. It once sailed free and  [ Read More ]

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Merry Yule!

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Oh, hello there, friends. I didn’t hear you come in, you dirty sneaks. Welcome to my semi-annual Yule party, where I drag out all my tired-ass crap from years gone by. And who’s that I hear on the rooftop? Why, it’s Odin, come to thieve all the cookies of good little heathens! Let’s all get  [ Read More ]

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Hocus Shmocus

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Not much in the way of news, but since it’s almost Halloween and I haven’t done anything online for a while, I thought I’d re-run some holiday classics. My two comics starring the Sanderson Sisters, “Hey, Kid” and “Jump!” Happy Halloween!

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My Friends!

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What I think whenever I see the Friend Finder: This is why I can’t be trusted with Paint Shop.

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Cary Grant: Humanitarian

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I had so much fun the other day making screen grabs and captions from Arsenic and Old Lace, I just had to do a sequel. In this scene, Raymond Massey shows up to find out what Cary Grant and Peter Lorre have been up to:

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